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heal your gut
build your body 
study your soul

breethe lifestyle is simple.

  • practice mindfulness

  • gratitude + awareness

  • sleep importance 

  • stress management  

  • hormonal balancing 

  • gut biome balancing 

  • consistency + simplicity 

  • 80/20 approach 

  • calorie + macro targets 

  • find foods your gut LOVES

  • get STRONGER​

  • train full body 3 times a week

  • push to technical failure

  • track your progress

  • live an active lifestyle 

About breethe.

Our mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals, transform their body composition, and develop a positive mindset by eliminating unhealthy habits.

We provide guidance and support to our clients to help them sweat, let go of their egos, embrace vulnerability and insecurities, and focus on moving, breathing, lifting, and feeling better.

We foster a nurturing environment where clients can adapt healthy habits and learn the importance of balance between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so we encourage all clients to discover their purpose and make it powerful.

Our founder's extensive background in Kinesiology, personal training and nutritional courses, gut and hormonal health as well as years of experience working with top-notch clinicians have shaped our coaching and guidance approach. With more than 8+ years of experience training in-person clients, our deep curiosity in personal development, both physically and mentally, has fuelled our passion for the world of training and wellness.

We prioritize simplicity, straight-forwardness, and enjoyment in our approach to living a healthy lifestyle, and we warmly welcome you to join our community!


monday: 6am-6pm
tuesday: 6am-6pm
wednesday: 6am-6pm
thursday: 6am-6pm
friday: 7am-6pm 
saturday: closed
sunday: closed


Invest in yourself and get the results you desire


simple, straight forward, enjoyable coaching!

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