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-remote/virtual strength training and nutrition coaching
-1on1 personalized training & nutrition 
-personalized strength training program (x3 days/week)
-nutritional plans & macro targets
-gut biome & health support
-supplement recommendations
-weekly checkins & accountability
-access to app & training tracking
-voice note support

20 minute call to go over goals, lifestyle overview, alignments and program options 

90 minute Zoom or Facetime

Q&A for: training, nutrition & lifestyle

  • body recomposition overview: training splits, nutritional phases, fundamentals, gut health & mindset

  • includes macros & calorie targets based on goals

  • PDF booklets of:  nutrition guides + training guide 

  • individualized supplement protocol 

train, focus + fuel


6 pillars of health

1. training to get stronger

2. prioritize sleep & manage stress 

3. mindfulness & movement

4. nutrition & balanced hormones

5. supplement support


6. love + trust the process

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