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Holistic Health Practitioner 

At breethe we aim to make living a healthy and abundant life simple and fulfilling.

We make mindfulness, nutrition & training understandable, straightforward and enjoyable. 

Living a healthy lifestyle to us means creating daily sustainable habits that curate the life you love!



6 months of discipline, dedication and adherence

Body Recomposition


Restorative Phase

where we build healthy habits, restore macros (protein, fats and fiber), find physiological and hormonal safety to find balance, making the time in schedules for training sessions and implement supplement support


Rebuild Phase 

where we focus on strength, building muscle mass, balancing blood sugar & hormones, prioritizing sleep, reducing stress and focusing on food being fuel  


Fat Loss Phase

where we enter a structured deficit, where we maintain strength throughout training, decrease calories, stay adherent, release limiting beliefs + conditioning patterns and allow time to pass



where we go back to maintenance calories, get off tracking foods, allow intuitive eating and sustaining habits while allowing our hard work to show off!

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